Machine Learning on Embedded Systems

Duration: 17 Hours

Pre requisite

  • Hands on experience on C

  • Basic Knowledge on Python

  • Experience on Cortex M4 platform

  • IMU sensor Interfacing

Course content

  • Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning on Embedded Devices – Edge computing

  • Machine Learning Software Framework

  • Introduction to TensorFlow Lite

  • Data collection from IMU sensor data

  • Feature Extraction from Motion data

  • Annotating Data

  • Signal Processing Mechanism

  • Classification Algorithm to Trian the model

  • Creating Optimized firmware for Edge Computing

  • Porting on Arduino Nano 33 BLE board

  • Application Development – Gesture recognition using TensorFlow Lite Model on Edge Computing

Hardware Requirements

  • Arduino nano 33 BLE board

  • ICM 20948 9 axis sensor

  • Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery (3.7v 100mAh)

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